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2 years ago

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Simon's team were the first hit with Alan sitting next to us in the clubhouse watching Simon asked how you want to invite me tonight, elephantlist Jon? Yes, of course, I said I can stay all night? I said sure, with the boys before Jon? ? I knew we were having this conversation, elephantlist but thought it was not in bed in a cricket match is not very good drunk at a party after I answered ended up in bed with a man s what happens then ? he also had an offer we watched porn together and then pulled out a gay might find myself always hot then stripped my jeans and pants together masturbated then he found me I suck so I sucked like a lot, even when he shot his load in her mouth he ever ? occasionally at a party when he's not really to greet You know, Simon met him 2 weeks ago when his name was elephantlist caught....... I was surprised at your jokes ! Why do you think made a pass at you, I was pretty sure you'd come through hell and Jon really knew him !Jesus said, I see of its kind that thinks he sees ghosts elephantlist for years, is completely straight out there and suck your faucet has is a good opportunity, do not you think ? What about you girlfriends ive asked people perhaps know the image, which used the idea of ​​blue -eyed girl, like a stranger I hate girls, but sex with men is much more I've had hot thrilling wild fans a few jerks sucks especially Simon met took me to a whole new level, and now you and I completely Jon my high school, so if you want ????? I smiled weakly n You are...... Gay said he thought so, not so sure if I sleep with a girl in thinking about children, to be hard, so what you want! Do Jon how about you on the straight I said, we both laughed n At that time Simon's wife appeared Jon Oh Hello Hello Hows Aurora there? quite well have said, sat, we elephantlist talked a elephantlist bit, n says sorry for my break when Simon was out, I took him aside AlanI said..... ahhhh pretty dirty trick right to be honest I have not planned, but then my cock ruled my head, elephantlist you might get it, took my penis rubs contraction felt that Ive got to take home the morning Alan house you like ? Yes, they do...... What is your problem, then we are in the clubhouse to enter the bathroom told me in elephantlist 5..... in 5 ok I then went to Alan, was an eye I saw the dawn, she smiled at me.... I thought demons However, Simon went into the toilets in a taxi took me we kiss I feel the rush of joy that whispered in my ear like bending over me and catch me, but I do not want to spoil your fun with me a great at the stroke of elephantlist work I was sitting in the seat, opened his pants pulled up his pants to his penis hard as ever beat the smell of hot sticky sex sweat, I realized that I masturbate slowly, we looked at each other intensely I suck, I whispered, still jerks his cock, she took my head in my elephantlist mouth sweet taste of musk, when elephantlist I had i cumn the car, then increased my desire started sucking his hard shaft licking his balls then he heard the door cabin noise is much more, you'll be in there long ? ? We froze..... Unfortunately, Jimmy dicky tummy... Simon cracks oh tickets will be seen later, the door opened and slammed shut, we smiled at each other Simon then took my head moves forward and backward in a slow building pace that caught my mouth a time when elephantlist he knew he was running he put his head behind his cock pulse in my throat gagged me with a feeling of hot cum load pressure rose in my throat swell makes me cough, then quickly removed his cock whispered kiss me my ear, give me one minute I'll make sure elephantlist hidden its clear..... was left in silence throughout the clubhouse out of the film of rain fell grinding Simon came to me ceases to encourage play, he said with a twinkle in his eyes, gave me the key off
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